Monday, June 01, 2009

Stepped onto the toes of "Xiao Ren"

Had a lousy last week...

I was accused of being irresponsible!

It begins like this...

She had arranged with the air-con contractor to have her air-con serviced on Friday lunch time. I was not informed until Friday itself. Then I told the contractor that I am not available as its my lunchtime (of course the contractor gotten warned cos he should seek my permission first before agreeing on such matters).

It is only correct that I should be informed beforehand if I had to sacrifice my lunch for work!

Normally, we do not have to follow the contractors for this kind of routine servicing but for her case its special... I shall not elaborate anymore on it cos its just simply because she requested for for me to be the one overseeing the servicing even though its not my portfolio.


On Friday after lunch... She saw me outside the toilet and started to say loudly,

"Dawn you all are very irresponsible and you all are avoiding me".

I tried to explain that she should inform me beforehand if I need to sacrifice my lunchtime to oversee the works blah blah blah.... told her that I will not want to sacrifice my lunch for such matters unless it is an emergency! Then she said,

"I don't want to quarrel with you".

Me: @#$%&*!!@!! ~ inside my head of course and told myself that she's just simply crazy!

I guess her ego was hurt cos during our conversation, another colleague walked passed and I was talking rather loudly to her. Talking loudly does not meant quarrel cos I always talk loudly. I am a loud person. So beat it!

A while later, she talked to my manager... I knew it will happen. She complaint that I was quarrelling with her, saying that I will not want to sacrifice my lunchtime and that I have attitude problem etc... She even told him that I was very fierce to a cleaner and scolded him cos he fell down??!!!

The cleaner was running across then fell down cos he tripped over my foot... I was telling him to becareful and don't run in future. Was I wrong?

I seriously DO NOT think that I am in anyway wrong.

I have been seriously thinking of this for a long time... Am I too nice to these people until they are now all crawling all over my head? I tolerating all these because I have Charlotte to feed or otherwise I will @$#%^&* ..........

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