Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day ~ 21 June 2009

The kids were having fun playing with "guns"

Charlotte loves to be shot ~ 'bullet' on her face

Ben wanted to win ~ so we put more 'bullets' on him :D

Alice & Alicia at Singapore Flyer

Alicia is practising to smile fakely...

Charlotte and Daddy

Walking towards flyer...

Hahaha... Ben's holding SO tightly onto Dad cos he is afraid of heights

Pouty lips and long lashes...

Love this photo BEST!

A rare opportunity for family shot :)

Charlotte's trying to run away from my clutches

Daddy's shag out with hyper-active Charlotte

Funny shot!

Vincent was trying to ask Alicia to SMILE :D

My eldest sister ~ Alice & Andy

We have little resemblance right?

Benjamin Shears Bridge

Lesser greeneries espeically with the IR in progress

Nice shot!

Scary not?

Show your teeth!!!

Our last family shot was when Alice graduated and at that point of time, we were all not married. Years passed and we are now all married... and most of us have kids

Papa and Mama are aging fast...

We should have more of such gatherings in future!

Family bonding is something money can't buy...

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