Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Busy with 24!

Recently has been busy with 24!

We are now watching season 6...

After the events in Season 5 and over the last 11 weeks before Day 6, the United States has been targeted coast-to-coast in a series of suicide bombings. A man named Abu Fayed agrees to give the U.S. the location of Hamri Al-Assad, the supposed terrorist mastermind of these attacks, in exchange for CTU Agent Jack Bauer with whom he has a personal grudge.
As a result, President Wayne Palmer has negotiated the release of Bauer, who was illegally captured by Chinese Government Agents at the end of Day 5, under "high-price" terms. However, while under torture from Fayed, Bauer finds out that Assad is actually trying to stop the attacks, and Fayed is the true mastermind. Jack manages to escape, and saves Assad from being killed in an air strike. Jack and CTU, with Assad's help, discover Fayed's true intention: to detonate nuclear bombs on U.S soil. After one nuclear strike, Jack has the task of recovering the remaining nukes, thus setting up the day's chain of events.

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