Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Union of Kenny & Shirlene... 9 May 2009

The Union of Kenny & Shirlene... 09.05.2009

Kenny is very happy :D

Pretty bride and me

Our table...
Front row: Orange ah kor, Small eyes Ken, Mich, Yirong, LAO DA, Joanne
Back row: Kenny's friend, Ivan, Charlotte, Me, Bride, Kenny, Kenny's mummy, Kenny's daddy, Hulk Ken & Rachel

Kenny, love your parents as they are FUN! Not those traditional parents...
Your DAD is handsome huh...

Shirlene is blessed to be a part of your family...

Mich, Joanne, Bride Shirlene, Yirong, Me, LAO DA

With the groom... who had been smiling all day... :D

Well wishes to your joyous union!

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