Monday, May 04, 2009

Lyn's Wedding... 3 March 2009

Me & Pretty Bride Lyn

Known Lyn not for very long but we kick off very well cos our character are very similar. I can still remember my first impression of her. She gives people a "hao lian" look and snap almost immediately at things she don't like. She's a truthful and nice buddy!

Wa seh... ang bao!

Was happy that I managed to snatch one!

We're Chix's nightmare!

But Chix doesn't know the worst nightmare of his is the one that is sitting in the centre!

The photographer wanted us to pose those "cutie pies poses BUT

we went like @#$!^&*!

WOSH!~ Lyn, we promise we will work HARD!

The Brothers! Can anyone tell me why the Bin Centre as background?

Heh heh... Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy!

Erm... kena caught! *oOpS*

Ivan was our "Wu Jian Dao" ;)


These brothers are pretty smart & knew that the bride can't wait to get married. They purposely came late & give us little time to play. The anxious bride even gave the key to the lock to her hubby-to-be then!

Its Snow White (or Yellow?) & Seven Babie

They have to wear diapers & dance with red colored napkins in their hands

The sporting ones...

Erm... a bit obscene hor!

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