Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend 28 & 29 March 2009

On the way fetching Charlotte home on Saturday, in the car...

Charlotte's full of mischief!

Charlotte loves to play with tissue paper...

She blows her nose

(making noise with her mouth to imitate nose blowing sound),

she wipes the floor,

she wipes her hands,

she tore the tissue into pieces!

*using the same piece of tissue throughout*

She knows her A B C... and she loves the magnets I bought :)

When I sing Barney's song...

I love you, you love ME

We are happy famiLY

With a great big HUG

And a kiss from me to YOU

Won't you say you love me TOO

When I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars...

Twinkle twinkle little STARS

How I wonder what you ARE

Up above the world so HIGH

Like a diamond in the SKY

Twinkle twinkle little STARS

How I wonder what you ARE

I sing the 'blues' while she sings the 'reds'

She loves to play with the cooking toys I bought for her,

and she feeds Kozer the "bread" and said "mum mum"

It seems like Charlotte was playing with Kozer...

But the truth is... she was bullying Kozer!

She knows how to pretend to cry!

We went to buy Kozer's food on Sunday.

Wanted to go Pet Movers but end up went to Farmway 1, Petgamart and I got a SHOCK!

I saw the Great Dane when I first stepped in and was asking Ivan,

"Is the dog real?"


Its even taller than Ivan when its stands up...

The other dog which looks like german sheperd, howls when it hears music it likes.
My heart was still pounding when we left the mart... never seen such huge dogs in my life!

At Tampines Swimming Complex... We love the slides!!!

Not easy to take nice photos :(

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