Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Dinner at Hog Breathe's Cafe 2008

Charlotte was trying to kiss Rachel BUT Rachel is rejecting her... :(

Char's always happy when Daddy's ard
I love this photo!

haha.... big head, slim legs and oversized shoes

Father and daughter....
"Don't provoke us! We are eating!!!"

Mich & Ken, her man

Playful Rachel...
Love this photo as well... Charlotte looks so cheeky
Mich you are not as attractive as M&Ns
LAO DA finally got her chance to carry Charlotte...
Its gift exchange time!

I've bought Mich this pressie... Wanted to buy her Starfish but can only find sotong.
Oh Mich has a new nickname: STARFISH aka Patrick in Sponge Bob Square Pants
This sotong is to represent her...

All in....

Family photo...

Me & Mich

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