Saturday, December 13, 2008

Port Dickson With Mr Saab & Gang - 6 Dec 2008 Part 1

We had planned a last min short trip during the long weekends to Port Dickson to unwind and since lodging's free at ah kor's condominium there...

2nd link so jammed

My ah kor cum driver cum tour guide of the trip with his Mr Saab

Chix and his one-hundred-dollar-only smile

Chix bor acting camera shy...

US! heehee this Mr Saab's air-con is freaking cold

The focus is actually on the bird shit :D
Acting cute but failed big time!

The long long long road to Port Dickson... it rained throughout our trip :)
but we still enjoy ourselves a lot :D

See dark dark clouds...

I love this billboard! I love the actor & actress!

Finally reaching.... soon....
I am surprised that we actually can see cows and monkeys along the roads
Below is an unglam-mest photo... If you want to skip, please scroll fast: -

Chix bor is tired from all the rubbing & blowing of nose... she pass her flu to me :(

This is the place - Ocean View Resort
Most Malaysia's houses are pretty run down... as they dun emphasis on repainting. I think they need maintenance team like us ;)

The lift lobby

The corridor to our lodging
More photos coming up.....
Me rushing to go for company retreat now :)

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