Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dinner at Golden Mile Complex

Had a cheap and nice dinner yesterday at Golden Mile Complex at only $41 for 4 pax eating and inclusive of 6 cans of coke...

Its something different from the traditional steamboat with hot plate.

Only one word to describe... "Shiok!"

Its feels like I am in Thailand minus the rioting ;D

The fat hand is ah kor's... wat else...

There's loads of sotong n tung hoon... my fav!!!

They serve 2 plates of food. 1 for tung hoon, vege, eggs... the other is the pic above... meat (liver, chicken, pork), balls, sotong, prawns, crab stick...

Bought this from another stall... WA SEH, I don't know how to describe the feelings of my satisfaction man!

Only thing is that the steamboat only sells soft drinks and I miss my ice milk tea :(

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