Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lyn's Birthday Celebration at First Thai & Minds Cafe

22 August 1980 marks the birth date of this Yellow Pal of mine...

Truthfully... my first impression of her was like,

"Wa... this girl looks kinda unfriendly leh!"

After getting to know her... she's been labelled as the most "Justice Bao" JUSTICE BAO!


Description of Yellowy: -

1) She can't stand people making use of her pals
2) She can't stand people asking stupid questions
3) She will scream at you if you step onto her toes
4) She acts like a 100% "YES SIR ger" in front of geoffrey
5) She yearns to get married BUT no one proposes ---> until very recently ;)
6) She needs to sleep early e.g. at 10pm
7) She falls sick very easily
8) She is super duper luper wuper straight-forward
9) She never thinks before she talks... mind you she's no bimbo lor
10) She alway look YELLOW !!!

No worries ok ger... no matter what you are or how you have become,

We will always be the LEMON TREE sisters FOREVER!

Shirlene & Joanne - We're at First Thai ordering food

Service there is so-so but the food's great! The atmosphere there is almost like kopitiam. Please note that there is NO reservations and you are only allowed to sit in when everyone is there. No exception!

Birthday ger, Lyn & Shirlene (showing off her metal teeth)

LAO DA with the victory hand sign... Maybe gotten Mich to order food
But my guess is Mich is probably too hungry to wait!

Still cam-whoring...

We gers are seperated from the guys as First Thai does not have big table to cater to 10 pax.

This dinner gave Joanne a very unforgettable experience!
@shouting@ She saw Mich's 3 layered tummy... hahaha ... Mich was busy eating till she didn't notice her top had actually or somehow or rather slip up

I missed it :(

Off we go to the Minds Cafe - the branch at Bugis is closing early due to a function and we were bring shifted to another branch near Mr Bean ... OF COURSE we asked for discount for the last min changes. Its only right, right?

Nice? I took the picture leh... Kinda 'mong4 huan4'

This sticky couple is REALLY STICKY!

till.... I cannot tahan

Look at the big boobies *drooling....*

ah kor always like to make funny faces lah

we love to play this block game cos everytime when the person topples the blocks, he/she will be punished either by answering a question OR kena drawn at his/her face

Needless to say, presenting the FOREVER SWAY one below: -

Lyn is waiting to draw on her face lor... using my shu uemura eyebrow pencil... dunno the rest of you got pretend that you never bring anot lor...

speedy gonzales

see... i m good in editing pics hor BUT not as good as XiaXue or Dawn Yang ~ they photoshop double chin, minimize nose by 200% all these... and of course make boobies bigger!

evil min2 !

its Joanne's turn we're bring very nice to only 'extend' her eyebrows

the creator cum artist

Expression ~ scared

Expression ~ sad

Expression ~ angry

Expression ~ happy

Summary: They both have a festish of drawing at each other neh!

The Hulk joining in....

Saw the dicky on Lyn's face?

Zoomed in view

tortoise ~ eh... shouldn't that be drawn on Jasan's face?

Star tattoo - thinking that she'll SHINE

actually... Mich's very happy about the arts on her face... she even went to talk to the waiter

Ger, we know what is in your mind... {GOD bless Geoffrey for messing with FIRE}

Birthday cake from The Patissier - Passion Fruit Meringue
She's 28, TWENTY - EIGHT years old
-------> forever older than me!!! *bleah =P see my tongue sticking out*

This cake is from Lyn's agent... so nice hor... the chocolate is from awfully chocolate!
Micheal LEE what are you doing?

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