Monday, August 18, 2008

Charlotte's First Birthday @ Globetrotters Restaurant in United Square on 16 August 2008

It took me a while to post these pictures -

I've actually backdate this post :) cos I've been too busy with work... *hianz* its a long long story... if you wanna know must treat me to coffee then dish it out from me

Sorry for not inviting all friends cos running on tight budget constraints

We always can't have the photo of us 3 in our photos :(

In-laws cannot take good pics for us

We printed tees for Charlotte's first birthday celebration

Some says very "er xin"

The tee consists of Charlotte's growing up during the one year

The Chix Couple

Him: Hianz going to marry her
Her: I want to marry him!

The JI Couple

Charlotte's must be pondering..."How come Uncle has so much hair on his face"

Him: Named JI by Mich
Her: Uses her authority as JI's bor and threatened to bomb us everytime

He's the luckier one to have chance to carry my grouchy princess

The Beautiful Couple

Her: My bf's name is Anti cos he is Anti-Social
Us: He's not so Anti afterall... cute & shy lah

I think God has made them for each other

Have 夫妻像!

The Billard Couple

Him: Billard que
Her: Billard table leg

Germaine & Mich

Just came so a bit shy... but that's not her usual self neh

Mich must be cursing...

Its really not easy to feed a kid

SEE! Warmed up liao...

The Wongs

Eh... they tot Charlotte's birthday party was their family photo taking session neh ~ just joking lah... I can totally understand how Joanne feels cos I'm a mum too!

A can-rarely-be-seen event... usually mum does the feeding

The Lims

Eh... where's the little one?


Ben... very well behaved that day... he's still the joy in our family

Finally... a shot of three of us
But mummy, me is still so fat after sooo long...

Me not photogenic lah!

Mark & his daugther came... He's very nice to me and I miss working with him!

They had KFC & Pizza

GEE... so happy that we're cutting the cake

I'm a little disappointed that the deco of the cake is a little melted though

Overall, most like the cake ~ of course lah cos its from The Patissier... again!

I love the "Winnie the Pooh" jumper from Lisha & Dora

They bought Charlotte present even though they were not invited

The following photos will not in sequence... me tired shifting all the photos here n there liao... if i dun stop this entry will never be posted! ;)

Feeding her during normal days is already not easy... Feeding a sick baby is worse!
Charlotte was sick on that day and she actually puked onto me :( how i wish i can suffer on her behalf

She's communicating with Rachel - "Bah Bah Bu Bu Na Na" - all the baby talks

Germaine & MinMin

Germaine insisted tat the creature she carried was BJ but its Baby Bob

Like the aunt, wrong still insist she's correct :P

Alice & Anqi - our latest family member

Close up - She looks a lot like Ben & also like "little monk" so CUTE!

Charlotte finally allows Alice to carry her but she's not smiling

Flying pig ~ pressie from Alice

Peter, Tina & Jasan

Ang Moh & Jap ~ Ken tired his very BEST to open his eyes wide

See! Mothers are very WEI DA!

of course... me too!

The chubby Rachel ~

Sorry Joanne she's no longer Michelin cos the title has been taken away by my colleague's baby

Mich... always happy when there is food

Charlotte's pressies!

Little piggy's ear was being plucked off!

Anqi - she also puked ...

This photo is taken the next morning... I am so happy to see Charlotte so active again! She's recovered!
Guess we won't be celebrating her 2nd birthday so we'll see you aunties & uncles again when we celebrate her terrible 3s! Haha...
"Thank you Uncles & Aunties for your presents!" ~ Charlotte

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