Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 1 @ BKK 9 Jul - 14 Jul 2008

Photo taking while waiting for Shirlene...

Seems like LAO DA & Mich's photography skills NO good leh

Pics very blurred

Going to T3

At T3 - Mich & Shirlene actually dunno (hahaha) that all the terminals are linked


Nice atmosphere? Or is it the holiday-ing mood?

Nice chill out place :)

Guylian Cafe - Wonder if they sells purely choc here?

Nice chandelier...

Absolut - Mango NEW!

F1 is here... no lah

Its just the F1 look-a-like car

Our plane - Jetstar Asia

Scenery fr plane - love the sunshine

Mich posing with the victory sign! Yippie we're going BKK!!!

LAO DA posing like LAO SU *oOpS*
Shirlene - Smiley with metal teeth

Our Hotel - Samran Place @ 302 Petchburi

Just reached n have not unpack yet :)
Didn't know that laminated flooring is IN, in BKK

Decent toilet

With bath tub - but no time to soak throughout whole trip :(

Attack of the road side stalls starts from here!!!
Orh Lua (fried oyster) & Phad Thai (fried noodles)

Volk Bar @ Co-Co Walk Plaza, just opposite Rajchathewi BTS

Taking pics of Singha beer - my fav beer cos its light and not bitter

We end the night with a beer n some snacks from the bar...

Gearing for next morning ;)

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