Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 5 @ BKK 9 Jul - 14 Jul 2008

Tako Pachi at MBK Foodcourt there ...

Its our last day, so we try our best to buy whatever we can...

The famous pig trotters in MBK foodcourt

WE HAVE TASTED IT!!! hua hua neng neng de... YUM YUM neh

Wrap with dunno what fillings - LAO DA said taste like kueh leh

We're taking pics to make u DROOL ... ... ...

This dog poor thing neh - the sunglasses is actually tied onto his head with rubber bands
:( evil lor

See the rubber band on his head *hianz*

So nice...

They actually have wires/shape of the elephant so that the creepers can creep to form the shape

On the way to Tesco - rushing... cos need to revisit Platimun

At Tesco - LAO DA & Mich grabbing GUMS

See her cheeky face

They have not finish grabbing ok!!!!

Faithfully counting ....

Grinning away ....

After grabbing GUMS, they GRAB cuttlefish!

Tah DA!!!

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