Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 4 @ BKK 9 Jul - 14 Jul 2008

WA SEH - i LOVE sunny side up!!! slurping the egg yolk is shiok lor

Mich having fried rice - the egg oso nice - very DEEP fried

Shirlene having fried mee... nice too!

Off we go to Chatuchak Market

Meter fare in BKK starts from 35 baht - cheap cheap nia as compared to SG's

Chatuchak is VERY VERY hot! We are burnt!! We look ugly so never take pic lah

Only LAO DA - pose outside the toilet while waiting for Shirlene

********Mah jiam keh sai leh**********

Heh heh... See my catch fr Chatuchak!
1) 1 more PJ
2) 2 pairs slippers(got 3rd pair but wear liao - bought at Pratunam)
3) 1 fake addidas sling bag
4) Harley Davidson couple tee 1 set
5) 1 bart simpson recycle bag
6) 1 set of clothes for Charlotte AGAIN ;)

Our dinner @ zi char roadside stall near our hotel oso, after unloading our goods

Did I say Mich n me are VERY good friends?
A bit candid shot kind

See i use my bag liao...
Funny glass bottled coke with plastic cap.........???
LAO DA - tao jui-ing in progress...
Then off we go to Patpong then RCA
Bought many Naraya bags for Lisha
Surprisingly the Naraya at Patpong has more varieties than Central World branch BUT no pics cos after cheong tired lah
Patpong - nothing fantastic - just woman at ah-go-go n skimply clothes
Though there's a guy section, nothing much oso leh... been before liao maybe
This is one of the disco at RCA
We kena cheated by an innocent looking taxi driver and our taxi fare costs 100 over baht!!!
Most expensive taxi trip lor!!
Then throughout the whole journey we can't communicate with the driver then when we are about to reach, the driver say, "teng lang"!
WA LAU @#$%^&*!!!!! - going to reach then tell us he knows teochew - but no use cos we dunno teochew at ALL!
Shirlene - Cantonese
Mich & LAO DA - Hokkien
Me - Hakkah
Mich tried her best to converse in teochew and make me laugh until non-stop...
"Le wu gia SALAH lor boh?" - "Did you went the wrong road?"
Get the joke? Dunno when "SALAH" becomes teochew!!!!! hahahaha......
The place is calle Route 66 - lucky was let in cos i never bring passport or any identification
Other discos nearby...
This is erm... the TOILET!!!

Still inside the TOILET - 3 guys singing..... *faint*
They look cute BUT not my type :)

Liquor there is cheap!
Though the place is more of hiphop kind, still enjoyed ourselves lots
Was surprised that they didn't know what is tequlia pop and i had to DIY
Then got 2 SG guys (must be thinking that they are darn handsome *PUI* lah) come to talk to us... i told them i cannot talk - no voice - hahaha - i only entertain handsome guys mah then i very devoted to my hubby one lor *winking*
Maybe they got attracted by LAO DA & Mich
Mich you still got YOUNG BOY MARKET lah!
Cannot mention Shirlene cos scare become FRIED CHICKEN!!!!
LAO DA told me that guy 'hao liao' his iphone (iphone nia!!!) to her lor *wa lau* - so childish!!!

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