Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2 @ BKK 9 Jul - 14 Jul 2008

Our first stop, Baobae Tower - Prince Palace Hotel

Saw this bling bling vespa-look-alike while we are going rounds and rounds and rounds....

LAO DA loves this printed tee shop

erm... i never buy any... just pose with the tee

My feet - seriously hurt :( b'cos of my new URS shoe - scare to step onto those dark murky waters then end up fall sick

Mich is so clever to bring plasters... those i had on my feet all belongs to her

After that, we cheong to Central World

KFC for lunch - BKK's KFC so-so only; not enuff spice and dun have the WOW factor


Despite going there everytime when we go BKK, we are still buying SO MANY things

Of course, we went ZEN...

So many cute items...

Then we proceed back to hotel to unload then to dinner at the roadside zi char stall just beside our hotel

Green mango salad - very sour neh

Streaky pork - not too bad

*Mich aim at the other couple sitting behind us eating it and ordered the same by pointing*

The BEST (i somba!!!)Tom Yum soup i had in my whole life!!!

Grilled sotong - sauce good but too spicy lah

Fried chicken wings - Mich's fav throughout whole trip & she kept BEGGING us to buy more
only 5 baht per pc, though small, its fried till crispy till u can chew the "tail"

My "catch"

Namely: -
1) 6 overalls for Charlotte @ Baobae Towers
2) 1 dark blue top from Zen
3) 1 Mickey Mouse PJ from Baobae Towers
4) 2 bottles of goat milk wash from
5) 1 bottle of essential oil - lavender from Boots
6) 1 green/black scarf from Siam Sq
7) Losta Naraya.... bags, tissue holders, shoe bag, make-up pouches

Off to foot massage @ Siam Massage ... @ Petchburi Road - inside a small shopping centre near Baiyoke Sky Hotel

1 hr only cos we spent too much time shopping till no time for massage :(

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